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THAT NIGHT                             287
heart of horror essential—her own indestructible evil. Her right hand also was now clenched—upon existent Nothing—her inheritance !
But with God all things are possible : He can save even the rich !
Without change of look, without sign of purpose, Lilith walked toward Mara. She felt her coming, and rose to meet her.
' I yield,' said the princess. ' I cannot hold out. I am defeated.—Not the less, I cannot open my hand.'
' Have you tried ? '
' I am trying now with all my might.'
' I will take you to my father. You have wronged him worst of the created, therefore he best of the created can help you.'
' How can he help me ?'
' He will forgive you.'
' Ah, if he would but help me to cease ! Not even that am I capable of ! I have no power over myself ; I am a slave! I acknowledge it. Let me die.'
'A slave thou art that shall one day be a child !' answered Mara.— Verily, thou shalt die, but not as thou thinkest. Thou shalt die out of death into life. Now is the Life for, that never was against thee!
Like her mother, in whom lay the motherhood of all the world, Mara put her arms around Lilith, and kissed her on the forehead. The fiery-cold misery went out of her eyes, and their fountains filled. She lifted, and bore her to her own bed in a corner of the room, laid her softly upon it, and closed her eyes with caressing hands.
Lilith lay and wept. The Lady of Sorrow went to the door and opened it.
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