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The Mother of Sorrows rose, muffled her face, and went to call the Little Ones. They slept as if all the night they had not moved, but the moment she spoke they sprang to their feet, fresh as if new-made. Merrily down the stair they followed her, and she brought them where the princess lay, her tears yet flowing as she slept. Their glad faces grew grave. They looked from the princess out on the rain, then back at the princess.
' The sky is falling !' said one.
' The white juice is running out of the princess I' cried another, with an awed look.
' Is it rivers ? ' asked Odu, gazing at the little streams that flowed adown her hollow cheeks.
'Yes,' answered Mara, '—the most wonderful of all rivers.'
' I thought rivers was bigger, and rushed, like a lot of Little Ones, making loud noises !' he returned, look­ing at me, from whom alone he had heard of rivers.
' Look at the rivers of the sky !' said Mara. ' See how they come down to wake up the waters under the earth! Soon will the rivers be flowing everywhere, merry and loud, like thousands and thousands of happy children. Oh, how glad they will make you, Little
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