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296                                LILITH
looked already on the face of my daughter ! Surely it is the loveliest in the great world ! '
When we reached the door, Adam welcomed us almost merrily. He set the candle on the threshold, and going to the elephants, would have taken the prin­cess to carry her in ; but she repulsed him, and pushing her elephants asunder, stood erect between them. They walked from beside her, and left her with him who had been her husband—ashamed indeed of her gaunt un-comeliness, but unsubmissive. He stood with a wel­come in his eyes that shone through their severity.
' We have long waited for thee, Lilith !' he said.
She returned him no answer.
Eve and her daughter came to the door.
' The mortal foe of my children !' murmured Eve, standing radiant in her beauty.
'To' children are no longer in her danger,' said Mara; ' she has turned from evil.'
' Trust her not hastily, Mara,' answered her mother; ' she has deceived a multitude !'
' But you will open to her the mirror of the Law of Liberty, mother, that she may go into it, and abide in it! She consents to open her hand and restore : will not the great Father restore her to inheritance with His other children ? '
' I do not know Him ! ' murmured Lilith, in a voice of fear and doubt.
' Therefore it is that thou art miserable,' said Adam.
I will go back whence I came! ' she cried, and turned, wringing her hands, to depart.
That is indeed what I would have thee do, where I would have thee go—to Him from whom thou earnest! In thy agony didst thou not cry out for Him ? '
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