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298                                   LILITH
' If thou wilt nor eat nor drink, Lilith,' said Adam, 'come and see the place where thou shalt lie in peace.'
He led the way through the door of death, and she followed submissive. But when her foot crossed the threshold she drew it back, and pressed her hand to her bosom, struck through with the cold immortal.
A wild blast fell roaring on the roof, and died away in a moan. She stood ghastly with terror.
' It is he !' said her voiceless lips: I read their motion.
' Who, princess ? ' I whispered.
' The great Shadow,' she murmured.
' Here he cannot enter,' said Adam. Here he can hurt no one. Over him also is power given me.'
' Are the children in the house ? ' asked Lilith, and at the word the heart of Eve began to love her.
' He never dared touch a child,' she said. ' Nor have you either ever hurt a child. Your own daughter you have but sent into the loveliest sleep, for she was already a long time dead when you slew her. And now Death shall be the atonemaker; you shall sleep together.'
' Wife,' said Adam, ' let us first put the children to bed, that she may see them safe !'
He came back to fetch them. As soon as he was gone, the princess knelt to Eve, clasped her knees, and said,
' Beautiful Eve, persuade your husband to kill me : to you he will listen ! Indeed I would but cannot open my hand.'
' You cannot die without opening it. To kill you would not serve you,' answered Eve. ' But indeed he cannot! no one can kill you but the Shadow; and
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