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THE HOUSE OF DEATH                    301
One tiny girl had chosen a father to sleep with, and that was mine. A boy lay by the side of the beautiful matron with the slow-healing hand. On the middle one of the three couches hitherto unoccupied, lay Lona.
Eve set Lilith down beside it. Adam pointed to the vacant couch on Lona's right hand, and said,
' There, Lilith, is the bed I have prepared for you !'
She glanced at her daughter lying before her like a statue carved in semi-transparent alabaster, and shud­dered from head to foot.
' How cold it is !' she murmured.
' You will soon begin to find comfort in the cold,' answered Adam.
' Promises to the dying are easy !' she said.
I But I know it: I too have slept. I am dead !'
'I believed you dead long ago ; but I see you alive ! ' ' More alive than you know, or are able to under­stand. I was scarce alive when first you knew me. Now I have slept, and am awake; I am dead, and live indeed !'
' I fear that child,' she said, pointing to Lona: ' she will rise and terrify me !' ' She is dreaming love to you.'
I But the Shadow !' she moaned;' I fear the Shadow ! he will be wroth with me !'
' He at sight of whom the horses of heaven start and rear, dares not disturb one dream in this quiet chamber !'
'I shall dream then ? ' 'You will dream.'
' What dreams ? '
' That I cannot tell, but none he can enter into. When the Shadow comes here, it will be to lie down
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