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Then I turned and said to Eve,
I Mother, one couch next to Lona is empty: I know I am unworthy, but may I not sleep this night in your chamber with my dead ? Will you not pardon both my cowardice and my self-confidence, and take me in ? I give me up. I am sick of myself, and would fain sleep the sleep !'
' The couch next to Lona is the one already prepared for you,' she answered ; ' but something waits to be done ere you sleep.'
'I am ready,' I replied.
'How do you know you can do it?' she asked with a smile.
' Because you require it,' I answered. ' What is it ? '
She turned to Adam :
' Is he forgiven, husband ? '
' From my heart.'
' Then tell him what he has to do.'
Adam turned to his daughter.
' Give me that hand, Mara, my child.'
She held it out to him in her lap. He took it tenderly.
' Let us go to the cottage,' he said to me ; ' there I will instruct you.'
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