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Then each turned and looked at the sleeping bed­fellow, gazed a moment with loving eyes, kissed the silent companion of the night, and sprang from the couch. The Little Ones who had lain down beside my father and mother gazed blank and sad for a moment at their empty places, then slid slowly to the floor. There they fell each into the other's arms, as if then first, each by the other's eyes, assured they were alive and awake. Suddenly spying Lona, they came running, radiant with bliss, to embrace her. Odu, catching sight of the leopardess on the feet of the princess, bounded to her next, and throwing an arm over the great sleeping head, fondled and kissed it.
' Wake up, wake up, darling !' he cried; ' it is time to wake!'
The leopardess did not move.
' She has slept herself cold ! ' he said to Mara, with an upcast look of appealing consternation.
' She is waiting for the princess to wake, my child,' said Mara.
Odu looked at the princess, and saw beside her, still asleep, two of his companions. He flew at them.
' Wake up ! wake up!' he cried, and pushed and pulled, now this one, now that.
But soon he began to look troubled, and turned to me with misty eyes.
' They will not wake ! ' he said. ' And why are they so cold ? '
' They too are waiting for the princess,' I answered.
He stretched across, and laid his hand on her face.
' She is cold too ! What is it ? ' he cried—and looked round in wondering dismay.
Adam went to him.
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