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340                                   LILITH
and the necks of all humanity are stretched out to see him come ! Every morning will they thus outstretch themselves, every evening will they droop and wait— until he comes.—Is this but an air-drawn vision ? When he comes, will he indeed find them watching thus ?
It was a glorious resurrection-morning. The night had been spent in preparing it!
The children went gamboling before, and the beasts came after us. Fluttering butterflies, darting dragon-flies hovered or shot hither and thither about our heads, a cloud of colours and flashes, now descending upon us like a snow-storm of rainbow flakes, now rising into the humid air like a rolling vapour of embodied odours. It was a summer-day more like itself, that is, more ideal, than ever man that had not died found summer-day in any world. I walked on the new earth, under the new heaven, and found them the same as the old, save that now they opened their minds to me, and I saw into them. Now, the soul of everything I met came out to greet me and make friends with me, telling me we came from the same, and meant the same. I was going to him, they said, with whom they always were, and whom they always meant; they were, they said, lightnings that took shape as they flashed from him to his. The dark rocks drank like sponges the rays that showered upon them; the great world soaked up the light, and sent out the living. Two joy-fires were Lona and I. Earth breathed heavenward her sweet-savoured smoke; we breathed homeward our longing desires. For thanksgiving, our very consciousness was that.
We came to the channels, once so dry and wearyf u.l: they ran and flashed and foamed with living water that shouted in its gladness ! Far as the eye could see, all
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