Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY.                                93
had spent the morning in his room; but at noon, after he had lunched, he sent for his grandson.
Fauntleroy answered the summons at once. He came down the broad staircase with a bounding step; the Earl heard him run across the hall, and then the door opened and he came in with red cheeks and sparkling eyes.
" I was waiting for you to send for me," he said. " I was ready a long time ago. I 'm ever so much obliged to you for all those things ! I 'm ever so much obliged to you ! I have been playing with them all the morning."
" Oh !" said the Earl, " you like them, do you ?"
"I like them so much—well, I could n't tell you how much!" said Fauntleroy, his face glowing with delight. " There 's one that's like baseball, only you play it on a board with black and white pegs, and you keep your score with some counters on a wire. I tried to teach Dawson, but she could n't quite understand it just at first— you see, she never played baseball, being a lady; and I 'm afraid I was n't very good at explaining it to her. But you know all about it don't you ? "
" I 'm afraid I don't," replied the Earl. " It 's an American game, is n't it? Is it something like cricket?"
"I never saw cricket," said Fauntleroy ;'" but Mr. Hobbs took me several times to see baseball. It's a splendid game. You get so excited ! Would you like me to go and get my game and show it to you ? Perhaps it would amuse you and make you forget about your foot. Does your foot hurt you very much this morning ? "
" More than I enjoy," was the answer.
" Then perhaps you could n't forget it," said the little fellow anx­iously. " Perhaps it would bother you to be told about the game. Do you think it would amuse you, or do you think it would bother you r
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