Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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LITTLE LORD FAVNTLEROY.                              191
saw had a letter in it that said somethin' 'bout her boy, an' it said he had a scar on his chin. Put them two together—her 'n' that there scar! Why, that there boy o' hers aint no more a lord than I am! It's Bens boy,—the little chap she hit when she let fly that plate at me."
Professor Dick Tipton had always been a sharp boy, and earn­ing his living in the streets of a big city had made him still sharper. He had learned to keep his eyes open and his wits about him, and it must be confessed he enjoyed immensely the excitement and impatience of that moment. If little Lord Fauntleroy could only have looked into the store that morning,* he would certainly have been interested, even if all the discussion and plans had been intended to decide the fate of some other boy than himself.
Mr. Hobbs was almost overwhelmed by his sense of responsi­bility, and Dick was all alive and full of energy. He began to write a letter to Ben, and he cut out the picture and inclosed it to him, and Mr. Hobbs wrote a letter to Cedric and one to the Earl. They were in the midst of this letter-writing when a new idea came to Dick.
"Say," he said, "the feller that give me the paper, he 's a lawyer. Let's ax him what we 'd better do. Lawyers knows it all."
Mr. Hobbs was immensely impressed by this suggestion and Dick's business capacity.
" That 's so ! " he'replied. " This here calls for lawyers."
And leavine the store in the care of a substitute, he struggled into his coat and marched down-town with Dick, and the two pre­sented themselves with their romantic story in Mr. Harrison's office, much to that young man's astonishment.
If he had not been a very young lawyer, with a very enterpris­ing mind and a great deal of spare time on his hands, he might not have been so readily interested in what they had to say, for it
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