Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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few think. And the socialised home of the future, liv­ing, provident, kindly; educator' and comforter; is the true and worthy home of those human mates who wish to better the species, and to send the race forward trium­phant into the eternity of life!
The Eoman Association of Good Building hereby establishes within its tenement house number , a " Children's House/' in which may be gathered together all children under common school age, belonging to the families of the tenants.
The chief aim of the (i Children's House " is to offer, free of charge, to the children of those parents who are obliged to absent themselves for their work, the personal care which the parents are not able to give.
In the " Children's House " attention is given to the educa­tion, the health, the physical and moral development of the children. This work is carried on in a way suited to the age of the children.
There shall be connected with the " Children's House " a Di­rectress, a Physician, and a Caretaker.
The programme and hours of the " Children's House " shall be fixed by the Directress.
There may be admitted to the " Children's House " all the children in the tenement between the ages of three and seven.
The parents who wish to avail themselves of the advantages of the " Children's House " pay nothing. They must, how­ever, assume these binding obligations: (a) To send their children to the " Children's House " at the appointed time, clean in body and clothing, and provided with a suitable apron.
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