Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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SEQUENCE OE EXERCISES              343
temporaneous one of the recognition of tactile stimuli in gradation, prepares for writing.
The series of cards bearing the gRometric forms, we give after the child recognises perfectly the same forms in the wooden insets. These cards serve to prepare for the abstract signs of which writing consists. The child learns to recognise a delineated form, and after all the preceding exercises have formed within him an ordered and intelligent personality, they may be considered the bridge by which he passes from the sense exercises to writing, from the preparation, to the actual entrance into instruction.
Fourth Grade
Exercises of Practical Life. The children set and clear the table for luncheon. They learn to put a room in order. They are now taught the most minute care of their persons in the making of the toilet. (How to brush their teeth, to clean their nails, etc.)
They have learned, through the rhythmic exercises on the line, to walk with perfect freedom and balance.
They know how to control and direct their own move­ments (how to make the silence,— how to move various objects without dropping or breaking them and without making a noise).
Sense Exercises. In this stage we repeat all the sense exercises. In addition we introduce the recognition of musical notes by the help of the series of duplicate bells.
Exercises Belated to Writing. Design. The child passes to the plane gRometric insets in metal. He has al­ready co-ordinated the movements necessary to follow the contours. Here he no longer follows them with his finger, but with a pencil, leaving the double sign upon a sheet of
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