Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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SEQUENCE OF EXERCISES              345
number of blue and red sections on each rod of the Long Stair.
The children now take the exercise with the wooden pegs.
Also the games which consist in placing under the figures, on the table, a corresponding number of coloured counters. These are arranged in columns of twos, thus making the question of odd and even numbers clear. (This arrangement is taken from Seguin.)
Fifth Grade
We continue the receding exercises. We begin more complicated rhythmic exercises.
In design we begin:
(a) The use of water colours.
(b Free drawing from nature (flowers, etc.).
Composition of words and phrases with the movable alphabet.
(a)    Spontaneous writing of words and phrases.
(b)    Reading from slips prepared by the directress. We continue the arithmetical operations which we be­gan with the Long Stair.
The children at this stage present most interesting dif­ferences of development. They fairly run toward instruc­tion, and order their intellectual growth in a way that is remarkable.
This joyous growth is what we so rejoice in, as we watch in these children, humanity, growing in the spirit accord­ing to its own deep laws. And only he who experiments can say how great may be the harvest from the sowing of such seed.
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