Mother Goose

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M OLLY, my sister, and I fell out, And what do you think it was about' She loved coffee, and I loved tea, And that was the reason we couldn't asree.
M ISS Jane had a bag, and a mouse was in it, She opened the bag, he was out in a minute; The cat saw him jump, and run under the table, And the dog said, catch him, puss, soon as you're able.
M Y little old man and I fell out, I'll tell you what 'twas all about, I had money and he had none, And that's the way the noise begun.
MARY had a pretty bird, Feathers bright and yellow, Slender legs—upon my word, He was a pretty fellow.
The sweetest notes he always sung, Which much delighted Mary,
And near the cage she'd ever sit, To hear her own canary.
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