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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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To Children.                           xi
were ever in the stirrup, and whose lances were always in rest, should have descended from the family of the Hypnotidse, who were remarkably lazy and peaceful. But these heroes doubtless inherited the spirit of their great ancestress, whose story is necessary to be known. On leaving his native realm during the Crusades, in search of some secure asylum, the founder of the Pantouflian monarchy landed in the island of Cyprus, where, during the noon-tide heat, he lay down to sleep in a cave. Now in this cave dwelt a dragon of enormous size and unamiable character. What was the horror of the exiled prince when he was aroused from slumber by the fiery breath of the dragon, and felt its scaly coils about him !
" Oh, hang your practical jokes!" exclaimed the prince, imagining that some of his courtiers were playing a prank on him.
" Do you call this a joke ? " asked the
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