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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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xii                              To Children.
dragon, twisting its forked tail into a line with his royal highness's eye.
"Do take that thing away," said the prince, " and let a man have his nap peacefully."
"Kiss me!" cried the dragon, which had already devoured many gallant knights for declining to kiss it.
" Give you a kiss," murmured the prince ; "oh, certainly, if that's all! Anything for a quiet life.1'
So saying, he kissed the dragon, which instantly became a most beautiful princess; for she had lain enchanted as a dragon, by a wicked magician, till somebody should be bold enough to kiss her.
" My love ! my hero ! my lord ! how long I have waited for thee; and now I am eternally thine own ! "
So murmured, in the most affectionate accents, the Lad) Dragonissa, as she was now called.
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