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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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To Children.
Though wedded to a bachelor life, the prince was much too well-bred to make any remonstrance.
The Lady Dragonissa, a female of ex­traordinary spirit, energy, and ambition, took command of him and of his followers, •conducted them up the Danube, seized a principality whose lord had gone crusading, set her husband on the throne, and became in •course of time the mother of a little prince, who, again, was great, great, great, great­grandfather of our Prince Prigio.
From this adventurous Lady Dragonissa, Prince Prigio derived his character for gal­lantry. But her husband, it is said, was often heard to remark, by a slight change of his family motto :
" Anything for a Quiet Wife!11
You now know as much as the Author does of the early history of Pantouflia.
As to the story called The Gold of Fairnilee
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