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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE PRIGIO.                             7
" Everyone who should be asked," answered the queen.
" People are so touchy on these occasions," said his majesty. " You have not forgotten any of our aunts ? "
" No ; the old cats ! " replied the queen ; for the king's aunts were old-fashioned, and did not approve of her, and she knew it.
" They are very kind old ladies in their way," said the king; "and were nice to me when I was a boy."
Then he waited a little, and remarked:
" The fairies, of course, you have invited ? It has always been usual, in our family, on an occasion like this; and I think we have neglected them a little of late."
" How can you be so absurd ?" cried the queen. " How often must I tell you that there are no fairies ? And even if there were—but, no matter; pray let us drop the subject."
" They are very old friends of our family, my dear, that's all," said the king timidly. " Often and often they have been godmothers to us. One, in particular, was most kind and most serviceable to Cinderella I., my own grand­mother."
" Your grandmother! " interrupted her ma­jesty. " Fiddle-de-dee ! If anyone puts such nonsense into the head of my little Prigio------"
But here the baby was brought in by the nurse, and the queen almost devoured it with
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