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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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IO                              PRINCE PRIGIO.
Prince Prigio and his Family.
ELL, the little prince grew up. I think I've told you that his name was Prigio ódid I not ? Well, that was his name. You cannot think how clever he was. He argued with his nurse
soon as he could
speak, which was
very soon. He
argued that he did
not like to be
washed, because
the soap got into
his eyes. How≠ever, when he was
told all about the
pores of the skin,
and how they
could not be
healthy if he was
not washed, he at once ceased to resist, for
he was very reasonable. He argued with his
father that he did not see why there should
be kings who were rich, while beggars were
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