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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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rible and cruel beast cannot be imagined ; for, if you go near it, you are at once broiled by the Fircdrake.
But the king was not ill-pleased: " for," thought he, " of course my three sons must go after the brute, the eldest first; and, as usual, it will kill the first two, and be beaten by the youngest. It is a little hard on Enrico, poor boy; but anything to get rid of that Prigio! "
Then the king went to Prigio, and said that his country was in danger, and that he was determined to leave the crown to whichever of them would bring him the horns (for it has horns) and tail of the Firedrake.
" It is an awkward brute to tackle," the king said, "but you are the oldest, my lad; go where glorv waits you ! Put on your armour, and be off with you ! "
This the king said, hoping that either the Firedrake would roast Prince Prigio alive (which he could easily do, as I have said; for he is all over as hot as a red-hot poker), or that, if the prince succeeded, at least his country would be freed from the monster.
But the prince, who was lying on the sofa doing sums in componr-d division, for fun, said in the politest way :
" Thanks to the education your majesty has given me, I have learned that the Firedrake, ;ike the siren, the fairy, and so forth, is a fabu-
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