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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE PRIGIO.                            19
lance, and buckler ! A Molinda! A Molinda!" which was his war-cry.
The page ran to get the armour; but it •was so uncommonly hot that he dropped it, and put his fingers in his mouth, crying!
" You had better put on flan­nels, Alphonso, for this kind of work," said Prigio. "And if I were you, I'd take a light garden-engine, full of water, to squirt at the enemy."
" Happy thought ! " said Alphonso. " I will! " And off he went, kissed his dear Molinda, bade her keep a lot of dances for him (there was to be a dance when he had killed the Firedrake), and then he rushed to the field !
But he never came back any more !
Everyone wept bitterly—everyone but Prince Prigio ; for he thought it was a practical joke, and said that Alphonso had taken the oppor­tunity to start off on his travels and see the world.
"There is some dreadful mistake, sir," said Prigio to the king. " You know as well as I do that the youngest son has always suc­ceeded, up to now. But I entertain great hopes of Enrico ! "
And he grinned; for he fancied it was all nonsense, and that there were no Firedrakes.
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