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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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20                           PRINCE PRIGIO.
Enrico was present when Prigio was consoling the king in this unfeeling way.
"Enrico, my boy," said his majesty, "the task awaits you, and the honour. When you come back with the horns and tail of the Fire-drake, you shall be crown prince; and Prigio shall be made an usher at the Grammar School —it is all he is fit for."
Enrico was not quite so confident as Alphonso had been. He insisted on making his will; and he wrote a poem about the pleasures and advantages of dying young. This is part of it:
The violet is a blossom sweet,
That droops before the day is doneSlain by thine overpowering heat, O Sun !
And I, like that sweet purple fle.
May roast, or boil, or broil, or bake, If burned by thy terrific power, Fire drake !
This poem comforted Enrico more or less, and he showed it to Prigio. But the prince only laughed, and said that the second line of the last verse was not very good ; for violets do not " roast, or boil, or broil, or bake."
Enrico tried to improve it, but could not. So he read it to his cousin, Lady Kathleena, just as it was; and she cried over it (though I
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