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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE PRIGIO.                              21
don't think she understood it); and Enrico cried a little, too.
However, next day he started, with a spear, a patent refrigerator, and a lot of the bottles people throw at fires to put them out.
But he never came back again !
After shedding torrents of tears, the king summoned Prince Prigio to his presence.
" Dastard!" he said. " Poltroon ! Your turn, which should have come first, has arrived at last. You must fetch me the horns and the tail of the Firedrake. Probably you will be grilled, thank goodness; but who will give me back Enrico and Alphonso ? "
"Indeed, your majesty," said Prigio, "you must permit me to correct your policy. Your only reason for dispatching your sons in pursuit of this dangerous but I believe fabulous animal, was to ascertain which of us would most wor­thily succeed to your throne, at the date—long may it be deferred !—of your lamented decease. Now, there can be no further question about the matter. I, unworthy as I am, represent the sole hope of the royal family. Therefore to send me after the Firedrake were* both dan­gerous and unnecessary. Dangerous, because, if he treats me as you say he did my brothers— my unhappy brothers,—the throne of Pantou-flia will want an heir. But, if I do come back alive—why, I cannot be more the true heir than * Subjunctive mood ! He was a great grammarian !
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