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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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slow prince Prigio was deserted, by Everybody.
EANWHILE, Prince Prigio had to surfer many unpleasant things. Though he was the crown. prince (and though his arguments were unanswerable), every­body shunned him for a coward. The queen, who did not believe in Firedrakes, alone took his side. He was not only avoided by all, but he had most disagreeable scenes with his own cousins, Lady Molinda and Lady Kathleena. In the garden Lady Molinda met him walking alone, and did not bow to him.
" Dear Molly," said the prince, who liked her, "how have I been so unfortunate as to offend you ? "
" My name, sir, is Lady Molinda," she said, very proudly; "and you have sent your own brother to his grave ! "
" Oh, excuse me," said the prince, " I am certain he has merely gone off on his travels. He'll come back when he's tired: there are no Firedrakes; a French writer says they are ' purement fabuleux,' purely fabulous, you know."
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