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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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'What Happened to Prince Prigio in Town.
Y this time the prince was very hungry. The town was just three miles off; but he had such a royal appetite, that he did not like to waste it on bad cookery, and the people of the royal town were bad cooks. " I wish I were in ' The Bear,' at Gluck-stein," said he to himself; for he remembered that there was a very good cook there. But, then, the town was twenty-one leagues awayŚ sixty-three long miles !
No sooner had the prince said this, and taken just three steps, than he found himself at the door of the " Bear Inn " at Gluckstein !
"This is the most extraordinary dream," said he to himself; for he was far too clever, of course, to believe in seven-league boots. Yet he had a pair on at that very moment, and it was they which had carried him in three strides from the palace to Gluckstein !
The truth is, that the prince, in looking about the palace for clothes, had found his way into that very old lumber-room where the magical gifts of the fairies had been thrown by his
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