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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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38                         PRINCE PRIGIO.
CHATTER VII. The Prince Falls in Love.
M E understood all this, and burst out laughing, which nearly frightened an old lady near him out of her wits. Ah! how he wished he was only in • evening dress, that he might dance with the charming young lady. But there he was, dressed just as if he were going out to hunt, if anyone could have seen him. So, even if he took off his cap of darkness, and became visible, he was no figure for a ball. Once he would not have cared, but now he cared very much indeed.
But the prince was not clever for nothing. He thought for a moment, then went out of the room, and, in three steps of the seven-league boots, was at his empty, dark, cold palace again. He struck a light with a flint and steel, lit a torch, and ran upstairs to the garret. The flaring light of the torch fell on the pile of " rubbish," as the queen would have called it, which he turned over with eager hands. Was there—yes, there was another cap ! There it lay, a handsome green one with a red feather.
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