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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE PRIGIO.                             39
The prince pulled off the cap of darkness, put on the other, and said :
"I wish I were dressed in my best suit of white and gold, with the royal Pantonflia diamonds ! "
In one moment there he was in white and gold, the greatest and most magnificent dandy in the whole world, and the handsomest man !
" How about my boots, I wonder," said the prince; for his seven-league boots were stout riding-boots, not good to dance in, whereas now he was in elegant shaes of silk and gold.
He threw down the wishing cap, put on the other—the cap of darkness—and made three strides in the direction of Gluckstein. But he was only three steps nearer it than he had been, and the seven-league boots were standing be­side him on the floor !
" No," said the prince; " no man can be in two different pairs of boots at one and the same time! That's mathematics ! "
He then hunted about in the lumber-room again till he found a small, shabby, old Persian carpet, the size of a hearthrug. He went to his own room, took a portmanteau in his hand, sat down on the carpet, and said :
" I wish I were in Gluckstein."
In a moment there he found himself; for this was that famous carpet which Prince Hussein bought long ago, in the market at
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