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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE PRIGIO.                            41
was Lady Rosalind. But she nearly fainted when she heard who it was that wished to dance with her, for she was not at all parti­cularly clever; and the prince had such a bad character for snubbing girls, and asking them difficult questions. However, it was impossible to refuse, and so she danced with the prince, and he danced very well. Then they sat out in the conservatory, among the flowers, where nobody came near them ; and then they danced again, and then the Prince took her down to supper. And all the time he never once said, " Have you read this ? " or " Have you read .that?" or, "What! you never heard of Alexander the Great ?" or Julius Caesar, or Michael Angelo, or whoever it might be— horrid, difficult questions he used to ask. That was the way he used to go on: but now he only talked to the young lady about herself; and she quite left off being shy or frightened, and asked him all about his own country, and about the Firedrake shooting, and said how fond she was of hunting herself. And the prince said :
" Oh, if you wish it, you shall have the horns and tail of a Firedrake to hang up in your hall, to-morrow evening! "
Then she asked if it was not very dangerous work, Firedrake hunting; and he said it was nothing, when you knew the trick of it: and he asked her if she would but give him a rose out of her bouquet; and, in short, he made himself
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