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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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42                            PRINCE PRIGIO.
so agreeable and unaffected, that she thought him very nice indeed.
For, even a clever person can be nice when he likes—above all, when he isnot thinkingabout himself. And now the prince was thinking of nothing in the world but the daughter of the English Ambassador, and how to please her* He got introduced to her father too, and quite won his heart; and, at last, he was invited to dine next day at the Embassy.
In Pantouflia, it is the custom that a ball must not end while one of the royal family goes on dancing. This ball lasted till the light came in, and the birds were singing out of doors, and all the mothers present were sound
asleep. Then
had been so merry a dance in all Pantouflia. The prince had made a point of dancing with almost every girl there : and he had suddenly become the most beloved of the royal family. But even thing must end at last; and the prince, putting on the cap of darkness and sitting on the famous carpet, flew back to his lonely castle.
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