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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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                             PRINCE PRIGIO.                            43.
RINCE PRIGIO did not go to bed. It was bright daylight, and he had promised to bring the horns and tail of a Fire-drake as a present to a pretty lady. He had said it was easy to do this; but now, as he sat and thought over it, he did not feel so victorious.
" First," he said, " where is the Firedrake ? " He reflected for a little, and then ran upstairs to the garret.
" It should be here ! " he cried, tossing the fairies' gifts about; "and, by George, here it is! "
Indeed, he had found the spyglass of carved ivory which Prince Ali, in the Arabian Nights, bought in the bazaar in Schiraz. Now, this glass was made so that, by looking through it, you could see anybody or anything you wished, however far away. Prigio's first idea was to look at his lady. " But she does not expect to be looked at," he thought; " and I won't! " On the other hand, he determined to look at the Firedrake ; for, of course, he had no delicacy about spying on him, the brute.
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