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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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-44                            PRINCE PRIGIO.                           
The prince clapped the glass to his eye, stared out of window, and there, sure enough, he saw the Firedrake. He was floating about in a sea of molten lava, on the top of a volcano. There he was, swimming and diving for pleasure, tossing up the flaming waves, and blowing fountains of fire out of his nostrils, like a whale spouting!
The prince did not like the looks of him.
" With all my cap of darkness, and my shoes of swiftness, and my sword of sharpness, I never could get near that beast," he said ; "and if I did stalk him, I could not hurt him. Poor little Alphonso! poor Enrico! what plucky fellows they were! I fancied that there was .no such thing as a Firedrake: he's not in the
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