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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE PRIGIO.                            45
Natural History books; and I thought the boys were only making fun, and would be back soon, safe and sound. How horrid being too clever makes one ! And now, what am I to do ? "
What was he to do, indeed ? And. what would you have done ? Bring the horns and tail he must, or perish in the adventure. Otherwise, how could he meet his lady ?—why, she would think him a mere braggart.
The prince sat down, and thought and thought; and the day went on, and it was now high noon.
At last he jumped up and rushed into the library, a room where nobody ever went except himself and the queen. There he turned the books upside down, in his haste, till he found an old one, by a French gentleman, Monsieur Cyrano de Bergerac. It was an account of a voyage to the moon, in which there is a great deal of information about matters not generally known; for few travellers have been to the moon. In that book, Prince Prigio fancied he would find something he half remembered, and that would be of use to him. And he did! So you see that cleverness, and minding your book, have some advantages, after all. For here the prince learned that there is a very rare beast called a Remora, which is at least as cold as the Firedrake is hot!
" Now," thought he, " if I can only make these two fight, why the Remora may kill the Fire-
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