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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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6o                              PRINCE PRIGIO.
HEN the ladies left, and the prince
and the other gentlemen were alone,
the ambassador appeared more gloomy
than ever. At last he took the prince
into a corner, on pretence of showing
him a rare statue.
" Does your royal highness not know," he
asked, "that you are in considerable danger? "
" Still ?" said the prince, thinking of the
The ambassador did not know what he meant, for he had never heard of the fight, but he answered gravely: " Never more than now." Then he showed the prince two proclamations, which had been posted all about the town. Here is the first :
Our eldest son, Prince Prigio, hath of late been guilty of several high crimes and mis­demeanours.
First: By abandoning the post of danger against the Firedrake, whereby our beloved
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