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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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62                           PRINCE PRIGIO.
That a reward of Five Thousand Purses will be given to whomsoever brings the said prince, alive, to our Castle of Falkcnstein.
Grognio R.
And here is the second proclamation :
Reward, the firedrake. Whereas,
Our dominions have lately been devastated by a Firedrake (the Salamander Furiosus of Buffon) ;
This is to advise all,
That whosoever brings the horns and tail of the said Firedrake to our Castle of Falken-stein, shall receive Five Thousand Purses, the position of Crown Prince, with the usual perquisites, and the hand of the king's niece, the Lady Molinda.
Grognio R.
" H'm," said the prince; "I did not think his majesty wrote so well;" and he would have liked to say, " Don't you think we might join the ladies ? "
"But,sir," said the ambassador, "the streets are lined with soldiers ; and I know not how you have escaped them. Here, under my roof, you are safe for the moment; but a prolonged stay—excuse my inhospitality—could not but strain the harmonious relations which prevail
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