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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE PRIGIO.                           63
between the Government of Pantouflia and that which I have the honour to represent."
" We don't want to fight; and no more, I think, do you," said the prince, smiling.
" Then how does your royal highness mean to treat the proclamations ? "
" Why, by winning these ten thousand purses. I can tell you £1,000,000 is worth having," said the prince. " I '11 deliver up the said prince, alive, at Falkenstein this very night; also the horns and tail of the said Firedrake. But I don't want to marry my •Cousin Molly."
' May I remind your royal highness that Falkenstein is three hundred miles away ? Moreover, my head butler, Benson, disappeared from the house before dinner, and I fear he went to warn Captain Kopzoffski that you are here ! "
"That is nothing," said the prince; "but, my dear Lord Kelso, may I not have the pleasure of presenting Lady Rosalind with a little gift, a Philippine which I lost to her last night, merely the head and tail of a Firedrake which I stalked this morning? "
The ambassador was so astonished that he ran straight upstairs, forgetting his manners, and crying:
"Linda! Linda! come down at once ; here's a surprise for you ! "
Lady Rosalind came sweeping down, with a smile on her kind face. She guessed what it
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