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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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was, though the prince had said nothing about it at dinner.
" Lead the way, your royal highness ! " cried the ambassador; and the prince offering Lady Rosalind his arm, went out into the hall, where he saw neither his carpet nor the horns and tail of the Firedrake!
He turned quite pale, and said :
" Will you kindly ask the servants where the little Persian prayer-rug and the parcel which I brought with me have been placed ? "
Lord Kelso rang the bell, and in came all the servants, with William, the under-butler, at their head.
"William," said his lordship, "where have you put his royal highness's parcel and his carpet ? "
" Please, your lordship," said William, " we think Benson have took them away with him."
"And where is Benson ? "
"We don't know, your lordship. We think he have been come for! "
" Come foróby whom ? "
William stammered, and seemed at a. loss for a reply.
" Quick ! answer! what do you know about it?"
Wiliam said at last, rather as if he were making a speech :
"Your royaliness, and my lords and ladies, it was like this. His royaliness corned in with
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