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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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68                           PRINCE PRIGIO.
about it: how the carpet was one of a number of fairy properties, which had been given him at his christening ; and how so long a time had gone by before he discovered them ; and how, probably, the carpet had carried the butler where he had said he wanted to go—namely, to the king's Court at Falkenstein.
" It would not matter so much," added the prince, " only I had relied on making my peace with his majesty, my father, by aid of those horns and that tail. He was set on getting them ; and if the Lady Rosalind had not ex­pressed a wish for them, they would to-day have been in his possession."
11 Oh, sir, you honour us too highly," mur­mured Lady Rosalind ; and the prince blushed and said:
" Not at all! Impossible ! "
Then, of course, the ambassador became quite certain that his daughter was admired by the crown prince, who was on bad terms with the king of the country; and a more uncomfortable position for an ambassador— however, they are used to them.
" What on earth am I to do with the young man ? " he thought. " He can't stay here for ever ; and without his carpet he can't get away, for the soldiers have orders to seize him as soon as he appears in the street. And in the mean­time Benson will be pretending that he killed the Firedrake—for he must have got to Falken-
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