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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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70                           PRINCE PRIG10.
H E first who recovered his voice and presence of mind was Benson.
"Did your lordship ring for coffee ? " he asked, quietly; and when he was told " Yes," he bowed and withdrew, with majestic composure. When he had gone, the prince threw himself at the king's feet, crying:
" Pardon, pardon, my liege ! " " Don't speak to me, sir! " answered the king, very angrily; and the poor prince threw himself at the feet of the queen.
But she took no notice of him whatever, no more than if he had been a fairy ; and the prince heard her murmur, as she pinched her royal arms:
"I shall waken presently; this is nothing out of the way for a dream. Dr. Rumpfino ascribes it to imperfect nutrition."
All this time, the Lady Rosalind, as pale as a marble statue, was leaning against the side of the open window. The prince thought he could do nothing wiser than go and comfort her, so
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