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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE PRIGIO.                            75
and sat down. The queen took her place at the edge of the carpet; I sat between her and the butler, and she said, ' I wish I were in Gluckstein !' Then we rose, flew through the air at an astonishing pace, and here we are ! So I suppose the rest of the butler's tale is true, which I regret; but a king's word is sacred,, and he shall take the place of that sneak, Prigio. But as we left home before dinner, and as yours is over, may I request your lordship to believe that I should be delighted to take something cold?"
The ambassador at once ordered a sumptuous collation, to which the king did full justice ; and his majesty was shown to the royal chamber,, as he complained of fatigue. The queen accom­panied him, remarking that she was sound asleep, but would waken presently. Neither of them said " Good-night" to the prince. Indeed, they did not see him again, for he was on the balcony with Lady Rosalind. They found a great deal to say to each other, and at last the prince asked her to be his wife; and she said that if the king and her father gave their per­mission—why, then she would ! After this she went to bed ; and the prince, who had not slept at all the night before, felt very sleepy also. But he knew that first he had something that must be done. So he went into the drawing-room, took his carpet, and wished to be—now where do you suppose ? Beside the dead body
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