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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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#2                           PRINCE PRIGIO.
" A king's word is his bond. Bring me a pen, somebody, and my cheque-book."
The royal cheque-book, bound in red morocco, was brought in by eight pages, with ink and a pen. His majesty then rilled up and signed the following satisfactory document (Ah ! my children, how I wish Mr. Arrowsmith would do as much for me!) :
"There!" said his majesty, crossing his cheque and throwing sand over it, for blotting-paper had not yet been invented ; " there, take that, and be off with you ! "
Prince Prigio was respectfully but rapidly obeying his royal command, for he thought he had better cash the royal cheque as soon as possible, when his majesty yelled :
"Hi! here! come back! I forgot something; you've got to marry Molinda ! "
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