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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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Then the prince set him down, and he ran round and round after his tail ; and, lastly, cocked his tail up, and marched proudly after the prince into the castle.
"Oh, Frank!" said Prince Prigio, "no cat since the time of Puss in Boots was ever so well taken care of as you shall be. For if the fairy water from the Fountain of Lions can bring you back to life—why, there is a chance for Alphonso and Enrico ! "
Then Prigio bustled about, got ready some cold luncheon from the store-room, took all his fairy things that he was likely to need, sat down with them on the flying carpet, and wished himself at the mountain of the Firedrake.
" I have the king now," he said ; " for if I can't find the ashes of my brothers, by Jove 1 I'll!------"
Do you know what he meant to do, if he could not find his brothers ? Let every child guess.
Off he flew ; and there he was in a second, just beside poor Alphonso's garden-engine. Then Prigio, seeing a little heap of grey ashes beside the engine, watered them with the fairy water; and up jumped Alphonso, as jolly as ever, his sword in his hand.
<( Hullo, Prigio!" cried he; "are you come after the monster too ? I 've been asleep, and I had a kind of dream that he beat me. But the pair of us will tackle him. How is Molinda ? "
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