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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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96                            PRINCE PRTG10.
of what was going; and they drank the Remora's very good health, when Prigio told them about the fight. But neither of them ever knew that they had been dead and done for; because Prigio invented a story that the mountain was enchanted, and that, as long as the Firedrake lived, everyone who came there fell asleep. He did tell them about the flying carpet, however, which of course did not much surprise them, because they had read all about it in the Arabian Nights and other historical works.
" And now I '11 show you fun ! " said Prigio ; and he asked them both to take their seats on the carpet, and wished to be in the valley of the Re mora.
There they were in a moment, among the old knights whom, if you remember, the Remora had frozen into stone. There was quite a troop of them, in all sorts of armour—Greek and Roman, and Knight Templars like Front de Bceuf and Brian du Bois Gilbert—all the brave warriors that had tried to fight the Remora since the world began.
Then Prigio gave each of his brothers some of the water in their caps, and told them to go round pouring a drop or two on each frozen knight. And as they did it, lo and behold ! each knight came alive, with his horse, and lifted his sword and shouted :
" Long live Prince Prigio I "
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