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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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ioo                           PRINCE PRIGIO.
with Prigio in public, and thanked him, and said he was proud of him. As to Lady Rosalind, the old gentleman quite fell in love with her, and he sent at once to the Chaplain Royal to get into his surplice, and marry all the young people off at once, without waiting for wed­ding-cakes, and milliners, and all the rest of it.
Now, just as they were forming a procession to march into church, who should appear but the queen ! Her majesty had been travelling by post all the time, and, luckily, had heard of none of the doings since Prigio, Benson, and the king left Gluckstein. I say luckily because if she had heard of them, she would not have believed a word of them. But when she saw Alphonso and Enrico, she was much pleased, and said:
" Naughty boys! Where have you been hiding? The king had some absurd story
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