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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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about your having been killed by a fabulous monster. Bah ! don't tell me. I always said you would come back after a little tripódidn't I, Prigio?"
" Certainly, madam," said Prigio ; " and I said so, too. Didn't I say so ? " And all the courtiers cried : " Yes, you did ; " but some added, to themselves, "He always says, ' Didn't I say so?'"
Then the queen was introduced to Lady Rosalind, and she said it was " rather a short engagement, but she supposed young people understood their own affairs best." And they do ! So the three pairs were married, with the utmost rejoicings; and her majesty never, her whole life long, could be got to believe that anything unusual had occurred.
The honeymoon of Prince Prigio and the Crown Princess Rosalind was passed at the castle, where the prince had been deserted by the Court. But now it was delightfully fitted up; and Master Frank marched about the house with his tail in the air, as if the place belonged to him.
Now, on the second day of their honeymoon, the prince and princess were sitting in the garden together, and the prince said, " Are you quite happy, my dear ?" and Rosalind said, " Yes; quite.'''
But the prince did not like the tone of her voice, and he said:
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