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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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102                        PRINCE PRIGIO.
"No, there's something; do tell me what it is."
"Well," said Rosalind, putting her head on his shoulder, and speaking very low, " I want everybody to love you as much as I do. No, not quite so very much,óbut I want them to like you. Now they can't, because they are afraid of you; for you are so awfully clever. Now, couldn't you take the wishing cap, and wish to be no cleverer than other people ? Then everybody would like you ! "
The prince thought a minute, then he said :
"Your will is law, my dear; anything to please you. Just wait a minute ! "
Then he ran upstairs, for the last time, to the fairy garret, and he put on the wishing cap.
" No," thought he to himself, " I won't wish that. Every man has one secret from his wife, and this shall be mine."
Then he said aloud : " I wish to SEEM no
Then he ran downstairs again, and the princess noticed a great difference in him (though, of course, there was really none at all), and so did everyone. For the prince remained as clever as ever he had been; but, as nobody observed it, he became the most popular prince, and finally the best-beloved king who had ever sat on the throne of Pantouflia.
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