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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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HERE may be children whose education has been so neg­lected that they have not read Prince Prigio. As this new story is about Prince Prigio's son, Ricardo, you are to learn that Prigio was the child and heir of Grognio, King of Pantouflia. The fairies gave the little Prince cleverness, beauty, courage; but one wicked fairy added, "You shall be too clever." His mother, the queen, hid away in a cupboard all the fairy presents,—the Sword of Sharp­ness, the Seven-League Boots, the Wishing Cap, and many other useful and delightful gifts, in which her Majesty did not believe I But after Prince Prigio had become universally disliked and deserted, because he was so very clever and conceited, he happened to find all the fairy presents in the old turret
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