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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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108                          INTRODUCTORY.
chamber where they had been thrown. By means of these he delivered his country from a dreadful Red-Hot Beast, called the Fire-drake, and, in addition to many other triumphs, he married the good and beautiful Lady Rosalind. His love for her taught him not to be conceited, though he did not cease to be extremely clever and fond of reading.
When this new story begins the Prince has succeeded to the crown, on the death of King Grognio, and is unhappy about his own son, Prince Ricardo, who is not clever, and who hates books ! The story tells of Ricardo's adventures: how he tried to bring back Prince Charlie to England, how he failed ; how he dealt with the odious old Yellow Dwarf; how he was aided by the fair magician, the Princess Jaqueline ; how they both fell into a dreadful trouble; how King Prigio saved them; and how Jaqueline's dear and royal papa was discovered; with the end of all these adven­tures. The moral of the story will easily be discovered by the youngest reader, or, if not, it does not much matter.
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