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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                            Ir5
globe, which was in a stand, like other globes. He stared into it, he turned it round and round, and Queen Rosalind saw him grow quite pale as he gazed.
" I don't see him anywhere," said the king, "and I have looked everywhere. I do hope nothing has happened to the boy. He is so careless. If he dropped his Cap of Darkness in a fight with a giant, why who knows what might occur ?"
" Oh, 'Gio, how you frighten me!" said the queen.
King Prigio was still turning the crystal globe.
" Stop! " he cried; " I see a beautiful princess, fastened by iron chains to a rock beside the sea, in a lonely place. They must have fixed her up as a sacrifice to a sea-monster, like what's-her-name."
This proves how anxious he was, or, being so clever and learned, he would have remembered that her name was Andromeda.
" I bet Dick is not far off, where there is an adventure on hand. But where on earth can he be ? . . . My word ! " suddenly exclaimed the monarch, in obvious excitement.
"What- is it, dear?" cried the queen, with all the anxiety of a mother.
" Why, the sea where the girl is, has turned all red as blood ! " exclaimed the king. " Now it is all being churned up by the tail of a
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