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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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Il6                          PRINCE RICA TWO.
tremendous monster. He is a whopper ! He 's coming on shore; the girl is fainting. He's out on shore ! He is extremely poorly, blood rushing from his open jaws. He's dying! And, hooray! here's Dick coming out of his enormous mouth, all in armour set with sharp spikes, and a sword in his hand. He's covered with blood, but he's well and hearty. He must have been swallowed by the brute, and cut him up inside. Now he's cutting the beast's head off. Now he's gone to the princess; a very neat bow he has made her. Dick's manners are positively improving! Now he's cutting her iron chains off with the Sword of Sharp­ness. And now he's made her another bow, and he's actually taking leave of her. Poor thing! How disappointed she is looking. And she's so pretty, too. I say, Rosalind, shall I shout to him through the magic horn, and tell him to bring her home here, on the magic carpet ? "
11 I think not, dear; the palace is quite full,'* said the queen. But the real reason was that she wanted Ricardo to marry her favourite Princess Jaqueline, and she did not wish the new princess to come in the way.
" As you like," said the king, who knew what was in her mind very well. " Besides, I see her own people coming for her. I 'm sorry for her, but it can't be helped, and Dick is half-way home bv now on the Shoes of Swiftness. I daresay he will not keep dinner
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