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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                           117
waiting after all. But what a fright the boy has given me !"
At this moment a whirring in the air and a joyous shout were heard. It was Prince Ricardo flying home on his Seven - league Boots.
"Hi, Ross!" he shouted, "just weigh this beast's head. I've had a splendid day with a sea-monster. Get the head stuffed, will you ? We'll have it set up in the billiard-room."
" Yes, Master Dick — I mean your Royal Highness," said Ross, a Highland keeper, who had not previously been employed by a Reign­ing Family. " It's a fine head, whatever," he added, meditatively.
Prince Ricardo now came beneath the library window, and gave his parents a brief account of his adventure.
" I picked the monster up early in the morn­ing," he said, " through the magic telescope, father."
" What country was he in ? " said the king.
" The country people whom I met called it Ethiopia. They were niggers."
" And in what part of the globe is Ethiopia, Ricardo ? "
"Oh! I don't know. Asia, perhaps," answered the prince.
The king groaned. "That boy will never understand our foreign relations. Ethiopia in Asia ! " he said to him-
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